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LOVE letter to my husband 2.10.06

Our love is magic since GOD is with us

Last Wednesday I came home from a hospital stay
Earlier than intended
I just had to go…
In this night miraculous things happened to us

Unexpectedly, you came home earlier from your work
This night – since your boss had sent you home
After some quarrelling
Accompanied by his words:
“If you want to work again with us
Give me a call tomorrow!”

Different to other days I was still awake
Thanks to God – so I could embrace you silently
My heart was aching
I felt your pain
And anger

I don’t know how I could sleep
I don’t know when I woke up
I was praying to GOD
And I suffered with you
Since this man had offended you seriously
No way to forgive
No way to give in

I know you are a proud Nigerian
You would not call him – never
But GOD ‘s angels worked hard
And finally let me receive a call
From your boss
Next morning

More than half an hour (handy!)
We had a discussion together
He really seemed to regret what happened
And actually wanted you back for work

You were touched when I reported his words to you
And I was relieved that –maybe-
you would get your job back again
Though it is an awful work
With much stress and low money
Since it is your only chance for the moment
To stay owner of a fulltime job …
And the necessary working papers

Our dream is to manage together this job
For ONE year…
Till you can search something else
Without risk

When you went for work that day
My heart was already full of joy
That GOD had not left us alone
In this serious moment of decision

When you came home later
Satisfied and relieved
Because of those clearing words with your boss
Your eyes looked at me with a smile
“Thank you my dear
That you did not force me…
Your gentle way helped so much
To come along with my anger
I love you for that”

How can I express my happiness?
GOD has lead us together
Though it was a long way to go
For me – for you
Till we met

I thank HIM and his angels all day
For support and inspiration and love


© g.y. ~ just4me

Bitte entschuldigt, wenn ich das in Englisch schrieb - es ist eigentlich für meinen Mann gedacht.. und wir sprechen (meist) Englisch miteinander, so dass ich auch so "denke"...
es ist für eine Sammlung an Texten vorgesehen, die ich für unseren 1. Hochzeitstag am 11.11. zusammenstellen will...
Zusammen sind wir schon 2 Jahre

4.10.06 07:18

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